Gulf War Syndrome

American Soldiers are being Murdered via Flu Vaccine Shots!

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Good Conduct - The Michael New Story

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Contact Information
Daniel New - Project Manager
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas76649
Tel: 254-796-2173
Email: - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots so you will need have JavaScript enabled in your browser to view it

What prompted Michael New to take on the United States Army, the Department of Defense, and the President of the United States? Spin artists of the New World Order have attempted to paint this model soldier and unobtrusive young man as a troublemaker, a rebel, and an extremist. Wherein lies the truth? With an honest examination of the facts, the video Good Conduct reveals a starling and definitive conclusion: that Michael New is hindering the advancement of a global agenda. This is the story they don't want you to hear. Note: "Video is slow starting so be patient"

Update January 2008
For Patriotic Americans only:

Most of you knew about former Army Specialist Michael New back when he defied President Bill Clinton's direct (and illegal) order to wear a baby-blue United Nations beret, and refused to serve under foreign officers in the United Nations military operations in Macedonia, back in 1995.

Most of you followed the case through twelve long (and expensive) years of legal battles in which: Spc. New was not allowed to present ANY evidence in his own defense at the court-martial in Germany; the Army Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that evidence is no longer a fundamental element of the Defense; the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces upheld that outrageous decision, and the US Supreme Court refused to touch it. That set the stage for a round of legal action in civilian courts, but I won't bore you here ─ the story is found at the website,

The exciting thing today is that we have placed the documentary video about Mike up on Video Google, free for the world to watch! You can watch it, we hope you will, and rate it. You can then share it with friends, particularly those who are active duty military. They can watch it from anywhere in the world, and free!

Those who want a hard copy of the DVD may still order it at the website, but why? Now you can get the word out to a whole new generation of patriotic Americans.

Q: How old is the average recruit?
A: 18 years old

Q:How old was he/she when Michael New was court-martialed?
A: Six! First grade!

No way today's recruits knew about this story in 1995. They were playing in sand boxes. And now they're serving in sand storms, behind sand bag protective barriers, and have no idea that, instead of "making the world safe for democracy," they are enforcing the will of the United Nations on what was once a sovereign nation. They are implementing the New World Order.

When the American military becomes a pawn in the hands of the New World Order, then our country is no longer free. If we don't wake up our military now to what is being done to them, then there will be turning back, and no preventing the One World Government that the United Nations want to be. The direction is still reversible, but the hour is late.

Please watch the video, if you haven't seen it, and then share it with several friends whom you know love this country, and want to keep it sovereign.


Daniel New, Project Manager
Michael New Action Fund

Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!

Daniel New

The father of Army Specialist Michael G. New, Daniel is a Christian without apology, and a fifth generation Texan without apology. Until recent years, he was an American without apology, but our so-called "leaders" have become a world-wide embarrassment to any decent American traveling abroad. Daniel writes and lectures extensively on a wide variety of topics. He and his wife, Suzanne, have homeschooling their seven children (a medium-sized family) while living in Texas, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and The Philippines. He is an ornamental horticulturist by training, an amateur linguist, an avid gardener and poultryman by avocation, a patent-holding inventor, and an avid student of the "Literature of Freedom".

The Michael New Action Fund is responsible for the legal defense for Michael New, as well as a world-wide public education effort to teach concerned citizens about what is happening to national sovereignty. They have one documentary video available, GOOD CONDUCT, The Story of Michael New.

To contact Daniel or Michael New:

Michael New Action Fund
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649

Meet Michael New:



Beyond Treason

This is the Full Length Film
Produced by Power Hour Productions
1hr 28min Run Time


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Beyond Treason Home Page

Grand Festival Award Winner 2005 Berkeley Film Festival

What you don't know about your government could kill you... Department of Defense documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act expose the horrific underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or consent.


* Chemical & Biological Exposures
* Radioactive Poisoning
* Mind Control Projects
* Experimental Vaccines
* Gulf War Illness
* Depleted Uranium (DU)

Is the United States knowingly using a dangerous battlefield weapon banned by the United Nations because of its long-term effects on the local inhabitants and the environment? Explore the illegal worldwide sale and use of one of the deadliest weapons ever invented.

Beyond the disclosure of black-ops projects spanning the past 6 decades, Beyond Treason also addresses the complex subject of Gulf War Illness. It includes interviews with experts, both civilian and military, who say that the government is hiding the truth from the public and they can prove it.


Beyond Treason. USA 2005. Directed by William Lewis

William Lewis, the director of 911 in Plane Site is after the U.S. government with his latest film Beyond Treason. Beyond Treason focuses into the aftermath of first Gulf war and the fact that American soldiers have been suffering 15 years of post-traumatic stress disorder. Because this explanation doesn't cover all the symptoms that soldiers have had, U.S. Department of Defense's says it's a "mystery disease". The main theme of Beyond Treason is to show what really happened in the Middle-East in early 90's and how the soldiers were exposed to depleted uranium. And like if that hadn't been enough, the same soldiers got untested vaccines. Beyond Treason is a patriotic and critical documentary, that doesn't play guessing games but hits the viewer with cold, hard facts.

Few veterans and experts of Gulf War talk in front of the camera about some serious issues, and tell their views and experiences about the war and origins of the disease - and also the neglects of U.S. Army towards their own people. Doug Rokke, ex-physicist and Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project gets the main share of interview time and with a good reason. He has unquestionable amount information to tell and convinces the viewer with his self-presentation.

Although the stories of soldiers that got sick during the war, are very compelling to listen to - the film shows also horrifying images of deformed babies to stress the seriousness of the facts. Is that social pornography? Some might say it is, but my own opinion it is the real option to mainstream media, showing the true and dark side of the war. It is always tough to see mutilated bodies, but some of these people were even alive when the pictures were taken.

Besides the theme of Beyond Treason, it tells also the background of dark history of U.S. governments human experiences. Secret documents of this fact has been exposed to public lately. Projects like MKultra and Whitecoat get covered in Beyond Treason - and remember, they are not conspiracy theories but real stuff. Lewis and Riley (spokesperson of American Gulf War Veterans Association) have collected an enormous amount of evidence. Although there are not many people interviewed, there is no use to complain: with DVD, there is also CD-ROM full of real evidence: scanned documents and text that have been the base of this films revealings! A great idea, that gives Beyond Treason even more credibility.

As a documentary, Beyond Treason is very qualified and refreshingly unzealous film. The overall calm mood doesn't get your temperature rise like with Alex Jones' anti- U.S. government documentaries, but this doesn't decrease the "viewability" at all. Highly recommended for anyone.

Review by: TOM CAHILL
August 30th 2005

America's ship-of-state is sinking, torpedoed by the totally fraudulent and murderous war in Iraq.

And a second torpedo is about to strike the foundering vessel. When the full impact of the use of uranium munitions by US forces in Iraq reaches the public, this just might finish off the American Empire. And Democrats as well as Republicans are responsible. With such a major war crime in progress uncovered and with the economy teeter-tottering, what could follow is an economic collapse that could make the Great Depression of the 1930's seem like a mere, temporary "market adjustment."

If Cindy Sheehan has an "accident" or is "suicided," it wouldn't even slow Washington's demise. The Gold Star mother has already awakened enough Americans and given them a transfusion of enough courage to think and speak out louder and more clearly about the outrage that is the war on Iraq. The Armageddon that Christian fundamentalists seem to want so badly may come in a slightly different form but it's on the way. You can bank on it.

The second "torpedo" running straight and true at the ship-of-state may be a film produced by the American Gulf War Veterans Association. It is a powerful expose of the absolute criminal insanity of the United States military/industrial complex--not just during the Bush regime but going all the way back to the Truman Administration. The film is an example of the highest and best use of communications technology and is also a tremendous blow to the credibility of the corporate media which has forever been the Ministry of Propaganda for the US government.

In a nutshell, America's brilliant leaders long ago discovered radioactive waste from nuclear power plants can be used to harden steel. Since then they have been using it in munitions as well as armor claiming the finished product is only "slightly" radioactive.

"I grant 'slightly,' imagine having your head stuffed into a microwave and set on 'slightly'…forever," writes Dennis Kyne in his book "Support The Truth" Sgt. Kyne was a medic during Dessert Storm. He is now one "slightly" radioactive and greatly pissed-off combat vet.

I made the mistake of watching "Beyond Treason" early one recent morning. As a military veteran, a father and a grandfather, I was so appalled by the horrors depicted that I was deeply depressed the rest of the day and went to bed with a sense of dread and hopelessness. But as an activist for more than four decades, I've had to become resilient. And having been already acquainted with much of the information presented in the film, I awoke next morning in a fury of righteous indignation. Since 1968, I have felt thoroughly betrayed by the US government. Now I'm so enraged, I feel like an enemy alien in my own country. I want to help bring down the US government even if it's on my own head. And, indeed, the collapse probably will do in many of us, one way or another.

"Beware lest you become what you fight," warn Buddhists. America fought the Nazis in WW II and now we have become them. The use of uranium munitions by US forces in Iraq may be a greater crime against humanity than the Holocaust. Far, far greater! America now is the world's most Evil Empire. Got that, Ronnie Reagan!

I've known about uranium munitions for years but all this time I thought those of us like Dr. Doug Rokke, Leuren Moret and Dennis Kyne just might be exaggerating the menace. But no, we were right all along. "Beyond Treason" offers irrefutable proof the US has waged nuclear warfare against Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan and our own troops as well. In his book, Kyne writes, "My claim is this: Depleted Uranium is a Nuclear Weapon."

What affected me most is the way the information was so skillfully presented and--most of all--the color stills of horribly deformed babies born to American veterans of Desert Storm 1991. They are all victims of the so-called "depleted" uranium or "DU," an obscene term coined by some very sick spin doctor deep in the putrid bowels of the Pentagon.

While in Iraq as a human shield during the US-led invasion in 2003, I visited hospitals in Baghdad and Basra and saw children dying before my eyes. Hospital staff wouldn't let us see the worst deformed children but showed us photos. Those images of Iraqi babies now reinforced by the photos presented in "Beyond Treason" of American infants will remain with me the rest of my life.

For more than a decade, many Americans have known about--even via the corporate media--the danger of uranium munitions. On Feb. 22, 1994, NBC Dateline aired "Deadly Fire" and showed, among other American casualties of Desert Storm, Darryl Clark and his daughter, Kennedy. If still alive today, Kennedy would be 13 and probably having a difficult time living with the purple welts on her face and body, not to mention internal physical problems including no thyroid.

A photo of Paul Hanson in uniform with beret holding his armless son, Jayce illustrates the cover story for the Nov. 1, 1995 issue of "Life" with the headline, "The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm. Has our country ABANDONED THEM?"

If you have read this far and are still not moved to action, you need to see some stats and facts.

* Desert Storm 1991 lasted little over four days and less than 150 Americans were killed in action. It was touted by the Pentagon as the "greatest military victory in US history."

* Since 1991, between ten thousand (10,000) and fifteen thousand (15,000) American veterans of that battle have died from the "depleted" uranium used to harden the steel in munitions and armor.

* Almost a half million (425,000) Desert Storm 1991 vets are chronically ill and dying from what US Army doctors call a "mystery disease" or "Gulf War Syndrome" which in reality is sickness primarily from radiation.

* More than two hundred thousand (209,100) Desert Storm 1991 veterans of the above listed half million are already receiving disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is one of the hidden costs of the war covered up by the Department of Defense. Already the Iraq War is the fourth most financially costly (in 2005 dollars) conflict in US history, more expensive than WW I.

* The tons of uranium waste from US nuclear power plants used in uranium munitions and armor, still being used in Iraq during the occupation today, is the equivalent of almost a half million (400,000) atom bombs dropped on Nagasaki in 1945, according to Leuren Moret, a scientist and leading whistleblower on uranium munitions. It seems Dr. Stranglove is alive and well spreading his madness in America's ruling class.

* Sandstorms are blowing the fine uranium dust all over the Mid East including Israel. If it gets into the jet stream, why couldn't it spread all over the world like after Chernobyl blew up in 1986?

* I was in Iraq only six weeks and tested positive for radiation when I returned home. At the very least, cancer is knocking at my door. Imagine what the American soldiers in Iraq for six months and longer will have to deal with. In the near future casualties of Gulf War 2003 and the occupation could dwarf those of Desert Storm and could be a third torpedo if the second one doesn't finally sink the country.

Knowledgeable about DU and responding to an earlier draft of this review, a friend e-mailed me, "If my assessment is correct, the use of uranium munitions is a bigger problem than the war itself." I replied that if anything his "assessment" might be an understatement. We are talking about billions of years that the radioactive dust will be working its misery on the people of Bosnia, Afghanistan and especially Iraq.

I would have liked to have been Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey for just one moment. Had I her soapbox at Crawford, I would have yelled out past the gate toward Bush's ranch home using language similar to hers, "YOU MURDERING BASTARD. YOU'RE NUKING OUR OWN TROOPS AS WELL AS THE IRAQIS."

But it's not just George Bush and his close cohorts who should be indicted by some court they don't already own or intimidate.

Dwight Eisenhower, former commanding general of US Army Forces in Europe in WW II, in his farewell address as president of the USA in January 1961, warned of the threat of the "military/industrial complex." He even coined the term, a euphemism for fascism which in turn is a coalition of high ranking government officials, top military officers and CEOs of big corporations.

Pres. John Kennedy took Pres. Eisenhower's warning seriously, and was assassinated, many of us believe, because JFK tried to control and downsize the "complex" which includes the vast US intelligence community of which the CIA and FBI are only mid-sized agencies.

For decades rubber stamp for "the complex" has been the US Senate Committee on Armed Services? Among the illustrious Republican senators are John McCain of Arizona and Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina. Among the Democrats are those star "liberals" (as the far Right calls them) Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

It was Sen. Clinton--already campaigning for president 2008--who just a month ago suggested the US should send 100,000 more troops to Iraq. This was of course shortly before Cindy Sheehan cornered the master of the universe like a rat in his own home in Crawford, Texas. I couldn't find an e-mail address on the web site of the Senate Armed Service Committee, but here is the committee's postal address:

U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services
228 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC, 20510

Please don't let me be the only one to drop the Senators a fan letter. If you've seen "Beyond Treason" and trust it's sources, demand--don't request--that the senators see the film too. After all, aren't they servants of the people? The film is available free to veterans (DD-214 necessary) and $25 for others from the web site mentioned above or:

American Gulf War Veterans Association
PO Box 85
Versailles, MA 65084

Every American should be forced to see "Beyond Treason" as German civilians were forced, by order of then Gen. Eisenhower, to visit the Nazi death camps immediately after liberation in 1945. Justice would be further served if the Americans responsible for the use of uranium munitions were tried for war crimes in the very same court in Nurenberg, Germany, in which Herman Goring and other Nazi bigwigs were judged. This should include former commanders-in-chief George H. W. Bush and William Clinton.

The essayist served in US Air Force intelligence in Germany in the Fifties. He has been an activist for peace, justice and the environment most of his adult life. A few months after returning from Iraq in 2003, he witnessed (along with Sen. Kennedy and others) Pres. Bush sign into law the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Memos from his FBI files indicate it may have been COINTELPRO that set him up to be beaten, gang-raped and otherwise tortured while jailed for civil disobedience because of his "anti-Vietnam (war) activities." Recently he was nominated for the Agape Foundation Peace Prize for 2005. He is a member of Stop Prisoner Rape, Veterans For Peace, and other progressive organizations.



Conspiracy Test - Gulf War Illness

Discovery Channel Documentary on Gulf War Illness
Season 1 Episode 10 Original Air Date—2007
43 Minutes


Could radiation exposure be the principle cause of Gulf War illness?
Or was it the Anthrax Vaccine?
Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Test, performs a laboratory test known as Spectral KaryoTyping (SKY) that may provide new insight.




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