Psychotropic Drugging

Making a Killing [2008]
The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

Excellent Documentary On The Facts And Truth Of The Cults of Psychiatry And Psychology.
Directed by Toby Burwell and Randall Stith
Citizens Commission on Human Rights CCHR
1 Hour 43 Minutes and worth every minute of it.
This documentary is one of the most important documentaries to protect yourself, your family, and others about the extreme dangers of the pseudoscience fraud of psychiatry and psychology. If you want to learn about psychiatry and psychology and its extreme dangers, this documentary is extremely important and will give you all the facts you need. We live in a world today of psychiatrists having power to drug and abuse every person on the planet and make them a patient for life for profit. This documentary will tell you the facts and truths about psychiatry and psychology and how to avoid this dangerous pseudoscience fraud so you can protect yourself and your family and never become a victim of this dangerous cult. I applaud CCHR and Scientology for making this documentary and teaching the world about the truths and facts of the great fraud of psychiatry and psychology. This documentary along with “Psychiatry An Industry Of Death” saved my life from taking dangerous, toxic, mind altering drugs that are not cures. I am now off these toxic poisons after 18 years of use and feel much better. I never knew it was the psychiatric drugs causing all of my physical and psychological problems and illnesses. I was brainwashed and tricked by psychiatrists and the system that the sickly feelings I had was from my so called “underlying” so called “mental illness”. Now that I’m off the drugs and thanks to this documentary I feel better and have distanced myself from psychiatrists and psychologists forever. I thank CCHR and Scientology for telling me the truth and facts about the great scam of psychiatry and psychology and they saved my life. Don’t fall for what psychiatrists and psychologists tell you. All their diseases are invented and made up!.



In general medicine the standard for informed consent includes communicating the nature of the diagnoses, the purpose of a proposed treatment or procedure, the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment, and informing the patient of alternative treatments so he can make an informed, educated choice. Psychiatrists routinely do not inform patients of non-drug treatments, nor do they conduct thorough medical examinations to ensure that a person’s problem does not stem from an untreated medical condition that is manifesting as a “psychiatric” symptom. They do not accurately inform patients of the nature of the diagnoses, which would require informing the patient that psychiatric diagnoses are completely subjective (based on behaviors only) and have no scientific/medical validity (no X-rays, brain scans, chemical imbalance tests to prove anyone has a mental disorder).

All patients should have what is called a “differential diagnosis.” The doctor obtains a thorough history and conducts a complete physical exam, rules out all the possible problems that might cause a set of symptoms and explains any possible side effects of the recommended treatments.

There are numerous alternatives to psychiatric diagnoses and treatment, including standard medical care that does not require a stigmatizing and subjective psychiatric label or a mind-altering drug. Governments should endorse and fund non-drug treatments as alternatives to dangerous drugs that have been proven no more effective than placebo, and more dangerous than most street drugs.

When asked what drug you want to take, ask for: