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Hello, my name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, I was in the Air Force and worked with the Army, Navy, and even the Marines in Joint Operations since the Gulf War. I know the Military very well, loved it, and the people in it.

I started out as a (E)F-111 Computer Test Station Avionics Specialist, subsequently becoming in 1993, a Helicopter Crew Chief on H53 and H60 Helicopters, (better known as MH-53 Jolly Green Giant) — in the Black Knights Squadron 31st Special Ops (SOS) in Korea, and the MH-60 (Black Hawk in Army, Pave Hawks in Air Force) Helicopters in Air Rescue 66 RQS

I’m currently retired from the Air Force because of Gulf War Illness (AKA Gulf War Syndrome), which I came down with just before the Gulf War started in November of 1990. I was given Cocktail Inoculations, Anthrax shots and other shots all at the same time — as many as 12 at once. During the Gulf war I was exposed to Depleted Uranium, and was poisoned by it, as well as by Lead and Mercury from the water supply in Kuwait — which by the way, was unknown to me at the time. I guess I was to naive and gullible and trusting in the military to have suspected that they would be doing something as horrific as this to their own. Of course, on all occasions of being looked at by Military doctors, I was afterwards given a clean bill of health; which looking back on now, all factored into this massive cover-up of what was really taking place.

As a result of PTSD, I have TMJ (correctly termed TMJD), ADJD, Brain Trauma (BT), and many other illnesses which they are not sure why I have. such as Neurophy in my feet.

Anthrax and Depleted Uranium is to the Gulf War what Agent Orange and BZ were in the Vietnam. Like WW1 and WW2 as well as the Korean War; we all have dirty little devices we use to kill the enemy and ourselves with.

After the Air Force Retired me I went to work as a Computer Programmer for the EPA and the BLM.

Lessons learned from 911

1. United we stand
2. United we fall

I started the Vets Help Center to help other vets like myself to find the truth and deal with it.


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