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What Happened at Camp Lejeune?

Camp Lejeune is a U.S. Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Toxic chemicals were released into the water supply systems from 1953 to 1987. This means that nearly 1 million people may have been exposed to these harmful chemicals. As a result, anyone who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days during this period may now be entitled to compensation.

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Yesterday’s Lies

by John Cory

War is a waltz, A dance with the Devil On the bones of Angels.~John Cory

On September 21st 2007, Sgt. Gerald Cassidy died – alone and forgotten in all the body counts and statistics of war, political polls and campaign strategies. He was unconscious for perhaps days before passing away like crumpled and discarded newsprint, barely noticed, simply brushed aside with yesterday’s lies.

Sergeant Cassidy did not die in Iraq or Afghanistan. He died in America, at a new medical unit in Fort Knox – in America – where we support the troops, according to every single lapel-flag-pin-wearing politician and pundit on the airwaves, and yet, Sgt. Gerald Cassidy died neglected and unnoticed.

Shame on us.

Among headlines for that week were these gems: taken from

Report: Telecoms, White House Lobbying Congress to Dismiss Wiretap Suits”

“Senate Rejects Anti-War Measure, Condemns

“Bush Vows Child Health Insurance Bill Veto”

Our Senate was too busy creating more veterans and condemning free speech to notice Sgt. Gerald Cassidy. And our president was too busy stealing healthcare from children to have time for someone like Gerald Cassidy. It takes a lot of concentration to rob a child. Adults are easy.

My friend Remy at Welcome Home Soldier does tireless work on behalf of veterans, and she was so pained by the story about Sgt. Cassidy and this article VA Reports up to 30 Percent of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Suffer From TBI, she sent them to me and asked, ”Why do we allow this kind of thing?” And being a true Louisiana belle, she began taking action. If you’re looking for something to do about this issue – go join her.

A group of Vietnam vets from Charlie Company, 1/52nd 198th, posted talk on their forum about the January 2008 article in GQ magazine about PTSD. The article covers Vietnam, 9/11 and all that has followed in Iraq and Afghanistan and PTSD. The article is titled, “The Long Shadow of War”by Kathy Dobie.

And there it is – all the pain and death of yesterday’s lies coming down hard in the winter storms of today.

As I browse through old pictures of my days in war, I find myself wanting to crawl inside a photograph or two just to touch and smell those wonderful faces and hear their voices again. And sometimes when I rub my fingers over a particular photo, I’m never sure which side of the picture I’m on. Am I looking in or looking out?

When Sergeant Cassidy died, he took another piece of America with him. How many more pieces can we lose before we become totally lost ourselves?

Yesterday’s lies kill and wound our troops, and yet Congress, afraid to face the truth, continues to fund and support the great lie of war. So look closely, my friends, and ask yourselves, how it is that we manage to find increasing amounts of money for war but continue to reduce funds for the care of our wounded and suffering troops?

Shame on us.

Have we forgotten our promise to veterans, in Lincoln’s words, “to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan?” Are we so penny wise and pound foolish as to begrudgingly buy the bullets yet refuse to pay for the bread and bandages needed for the survivors? Or have we become so jaded that we view the flood of returning wounded as a burgeoning market in the for-profit healthcare industry with war as the ultimate profit generator?

In his farewell address, Gen. Douglas MacArthur spoke these words: “Duty, honor, country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.”

Those words were spoken to the cadets at West Point. But they are for us – the citizens of this great experiment in democracy. We should be equally obsessed with duty, honor and country not as a slogan, but as a call to action. There is no “us” or “them” – as though our troops are not part of our daily fabric of American life. It is and was from the beginning, “We the people.” There is no differentiation between civilian and soldier.

Yes, it’s election season and the race is capturing all the ink and airtime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you Democratic presidential candidates want my vote, then here is what you do:

Go to Dover AFB and don’t tell me they won’t let you in – you’re Congressional members elected by “We the people”, for cripes sake! Go to Dover and meet a plane of caskets and serve as pallbearers for the entire load. Carry them gently and with love for the price they have paid and send them home to their loved ones with a tear and a kiss.

Open your home or a community center somewhere and prepare a meal for several families who have lost their loved ones in this war, or who have wounded to tend to, and feed them the fresh baked bread of compassion and a warm supper of empathy and recognition for their fulfillment of duty, honor, country. Take their children in your arms and listen to them tell you how much they loved their daddy or mommy or uncle. And weep for yourselves that you never met them.

And do this all without cameras, campaign advisers and media consultants. We’ll know about it – trust me. We will know. And if you’re afraid, remember duty, honor, country as defined by General MacArthur, because it applies to you as well.

And then, by God, if you truly want my vote, you will go to Westfield, Indiana, and you will embrace the loved ones of Sgt. Gerald Cassidy and ask for their forgiveness on behalf of a grateful nation. And you will listen as they tell you all about him and show you their family photo album – not just the ones of him in uniform, but the boy and teenager, and the man who lived duty, honor, country. Then you will go to his graveside and place a wreath with the promise that you will never forget him. And on the ride back across the Indiana snow, you will write the beginning legislation that will never let this happen again: The Gerald Cassidy Veterans Bill.

That night as you drift off to sleep, you will hear the whispered lullaby: “War is a waltz, a dance with the Devil on the bones of Angels.” And you will understand.

Then you can sleep the good sleep, knowing you have begun to put an end to yesterday’s lies.

John Cory is a Vietnam veteran. He received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V device, 1969 – 1970.

Original Article


What was the Gulf War About

By Jeff Flesher

     The Gulf War was not about Money… directly, or Oil… directly, it was about Slavery. Slavery you say, well that is just as stupid of a remark as I have ever heard; well tell that to the thousand of Third Country National’s (TCN) who died during the Gulf War. In fact, they were the target of the Gulf War, the only people who were systematically murdered during the whole war, so why is this?

     In 1960 when Kuwait was forming its work forces to operate the Oil fields, they employed TCN’s to become the work class, at slave salaries, they were promised that they would become Citizens, and in 1990 that promise was about to become history, but it will remain an untold story in the pages of history, as it turns out, in fact, its a little know fact at all.

     What you have to ask yourself is why didn’t main stream media report this? One reason, they were told not to, and they do what their slave masters tell them to do. This war was fought by slaves, because that is what all Army’s are made up of, slaves; you or I, as soldiers, vets, or just civilians, do not want to admit that we are slaves to the system, but to the Governments, that is all we are and nothing more.

     History was written by a group, or race of people called “Main Stream Media”.

     All Wars have been Holy Wars, the Gulf War is nothing different, now Iran will soon suffer this Holy War, and who will fight it? The Slaves.


Project Vets Sanctuary (PVS)

Project Vets Sanctuary is a long term plan to provide food and shelter for Vets and their family.
The first facility will be built on approximately 1,000 acres of land that is surrounded by BLM property to make sure civilization doesn’t move in and want them to move out. The idea is simple: build a place for people to live, build a self-sustaining power, water and food supply center.

Why Project Vets Sanctuary?

Thousands of Vets are homeless, or do not fit into society, this is a sanctuary for them, a place that they can come to live out their lives in peace and harmony. A lot of people will say this is an impossible dream; but I say its a dream worth trying.

What type of life will the Sanctuary provide?

This isn’t going to be an easy life, you will have to work and help out, this isn’t a hotel where you get three meals a day and laundry done for you, we will try to provide the means and it will be your job to meet those needs.

We will provide fields and water to grow food and raise live stock; its up to the residence to tend the fields and live stock; to do their laundry and prepare meals and other chores that they have to do in society anyway. The idea is that this is not a city, we want it to be a community in the country; a simpler way of life; grow our own food, live like people should live. With enough donations we can have buildings built for people to live in; but this is all based on donations, we may have to find ways to make money to become self sufficient.

First things first: I need to raise the money to pay for a 501c charity so that I can start raising the money for this project; then we’ll start a trust fund where all the money will be held. We have to insure that everything is legal and binding throughout the ages, since this is a long term plan, we want it to be in place a thousand years from now, well, at least a hundred.

We will first purchase the land, put a well on it, then start construction on the common area, which will include a power plant, which will be a combination of solar, wind and alternate energy sources. In the next few months we will map out our plans in more detail.

This is list of requirements to date:

  • All facilities will be handicap accessible.
  • A van that will transport patients to and from the nearest VA on a weekly or biweekly schedule.

What Vets will be allowed in this facility?

This is a hard question to answer, since we do not want to discriminate against any Vets or their Family members, who must also fall under this same criteria.
We will have to further refine or requirements as time goes by.

  • Residence must not require hospitalization. Currently we have no plans to provide medical care, other than having a van that will transport patients to and from the nearest VA, therefore we can only provide for those vets that do not require hospitalization.
  • All residence must be self relent, meaning they have the means to provide for them-self, that is a broad statement, it simply means that they do not require staff to assist them, they can have a spouse or other person to assist them and still meet this criteria.
  • Residence can not be mentally insane, this falls under our criteria from above and is also for the safety of staff and people living there.
  • Freedom of Religion; this is a non-religious community by definition, residence have the right to worship any religion they want; but we have no plans to build churches or promote a religion.
    This is a grey area that can only be avoided by taken the states stance on freedom of religion and freedom from religion.
  • Residence can not have any outstanding warrants or criminal activity that can not be reconciled by being here, in other words; if payment is required to pay off tickets, arrangements can be made.
  • Most Laws apply here. There are way too many laws in this world and trying to enforce them is not going to happen here, we have no plans to hire police or allow them into the sanctuary other than to remove someone who has broken a law that requires them to be removed.
    Extradition is a given also; this is not a sanctuary from the law; don’t do the crime if you can spend the time.
    The intent is that this community as a whole will be law abiding citizens.
  • Tolerance to others is a hard enough thing to do when everyone is healthy and feeling good; this is a community where this isn’t the norm, people have issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other issues for a start, some residence will be missing legs and arms and have other war time injuries; tolerance to others is a must in this place.
  • Drugs will always be an issue in every city, town or community on this planet; this Sanctuary will be no different; we will not allow the use of certain types of drugs: like speed, cocaine or opiates not prescribed by a VA doctor and will not tolerate any drug that can harm the mind or body even if it is prescribed by a doctor unless its use is deemed required because no other treatment has helped.
    We will have a Grow permit for Medical Marijuana but will only condone its use as a medicine, for treatment for pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD or other related symptom that would benefit from its use. It may still require that the user gets a permit from the state in order to use it; remember we are all law abiding citizens. We do know that a security plan will have to be in place to make sure that this product does not get abused.
  • Any member who can not abide by the rules will be asked to leave; you can not have a community of peace and harmony unless everyone tries to abide by a simple set of rules.

There are many more issues that will have to be resolved and this is by no means a complete list.

The issue of schools, clothing, recreation and other things that required in normal society will be required here.

Currently a lot of Vets do not fit into society and as a result, they can not fit in, most of them commit suicide, or live a life not worth living; the goal here is to provide a means for those people to survive and live a healthy productive life.


A look at Veterans

Should PTSD Victims be able to earn the Purple Heart?

From Stars and Stripes

by Jeff Schogol

May 14th 2008

The veterans group for combat wounded troops whose mission is to preserve the integrity of the Purple Heart has come out against giving the award to troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I don’t think people should get the Purple Heart for almost getting wounded,” said Joe Palagyi, of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

PTSD does not merit the Purple Heart, according to an Army regulation that lays out the criteria for the award.

Recently, a military psychologist at Fort Bliss, Texas, told reporters during a roundtable that making troops with PTSD eligible for the Purple Heart could help de-stigmatize the disorder.

Related Op-ed: Recognizing the Hidden Wounds of War

“These guys have paid at least a high — as high a price, some of them — as anybody with a traumatic brain injury, as anybody with shrapnel wound, and what it does is it says this is the wound that isn’t worthy, and I say it is,” said John E. Fortunato.

When asked about Fortunato’s suggestion later, Defense Secretary Robert Gates called it an “interesting idea,” adding the matter is “clearly something that needs to be looked into.”

But Palagyi, who was awarded the Purple Heart for service in Vietnam, said PTSD does not meet the standards for the award, the forerunner of which was established by Gen. George Washington.

Learn More at’s PTSD Center

“The Purple Heart was set up for combat wounds, for those who have shed blood, and I believe that although PTSD is a physical disease and is an injury … [it] does not qualify for the merit of Purple Heart based on that,” he said Tuesday.

Injuries that merit the Purple Heart must happen in a combat theater and must be a direct result of enemy action, said Jack Leonard, also of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

The group’s concern about PTSD is that it can be caused by other factors, not necessarily the enemy.

“Did it occur in boot camp? Did it occur because of the rough air flight into theater? Or did it occur because an individual saw the results of the Taliban massacre of a village? I can’t answer that,” said Leonard, who was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded in Vietnam.

Stars and Stripes called the medical center where Fortunato works for a response, but a spokesman there referred questions to Army Human Resources Command, adding that Fortunato should not have commented on the Purple Heart in the first place because the issue is “out of our medical lane.”

Leonard said he does not mean to downplay war’s psychological injuries, recounting how he is sure how his father suffered from PTSD after fighting in World War II with the Marines.

“Like a flash in a pan, he would reach out and I mean full-force smack with a balled fist, without any indication that it was going to happen, and you’d go, ‘What the hell — what the hell just happened?’ as you picked yourself off the floor,” Leonard said.

He said his father, who also served in the Korean War and was close to suicide at the end of his life, was never awarded the Purple Heart.

Asked if his father should have been given the award, Leonard said no.

“There’s no physical manifestation of — that he ever shed blood,” Leonard said.


Combat Disabled Veteran Has No Constitutional Rights

by Jere Beery

Sergeant Major Paul Cousins, from Stockbridge, Georgia, served for 27 years in the United States Army. He was awarded 3 Purple Hearts for wounds received in combat during the 2 tours he served in Vietnam.

Paul Cousins is a highly decorated combat disabled veteran with a distinguished military service record who has shed his blood protecting the principles and standards this country stands for. One can only imagine the pain and dishonor this proven American Patriot felt when he was told by a civil court judge that he had no Constitutional Rights in his court room.

Paul Cousins is one of the growing numbers of former military personnel faced with a broken marriage and divorce. Some studies indicate military personnel are 3 times likely to suffer a failed marriage, than non-military.

Sergeant Major Cousins was married for 14 years to a German National who is not a United States citizen. They had no children together. Cousins was not married at the time he was disabled from combat wounds in Vietnam. Yet, this combat disabled veteran was ordered to pay spousal support to his ex-wife directly from his earned disability compensation.

Superior Court, Judge Douglas C. Pullen, presided over the case of Cousins during a contempt of court hearing. A copy of a notarized statement signed by Sergeant Major Paul Cousins of some of the statements that took place in Judge Pullen’s courtroom for that contempt of court hearing in October 2005 can be found attached to this press release.

In the statement, when Sergeant Major Cousins refers to the Federal Regulations which protect his disability compensation from third party awards, Judge Pullen is quoted to say;


Operation Firing For Effect National Chairman, Gene Simes says his organization is currently monortoring 38 simular cases where veterans’ disability compensation has been misused as a divisable asset in a divorce settlement.

According to Simes, Judge Pullen’s comments are totally unacceptable and Judge Pullen needs to be removed from the bench as soon as humanly possible. Simes is calling for Judge Pullen to step down immeately. “This renagade judge owes Sergeant Major Cousins an appoligy, and I am personnaly going to do everything in my powere to make certain he recieves it.” Simes stated.

Sergeant Major Cousins was ordered to pay his ex-wife $550 a month directly from his VA disability compensation, or go to jail for contempt.

Send your comments to:

Chattahoochee Circuit
Judge Douglas Pullen
P.O. Box 1340
Columbus, GA 31902
Work Phone: 706-653-4273


Paul Cousins was ordered in February 1998, by Judge Douglas C. Pullen to pay his former spouse $550 per month from his Military Disposable Retirement Pay. This action is in accordance with USC, Title 10, Section 1408. This Federal Law stated that States courts/judges can only award up to 50% of a military disposable retirement pay and NOT any disabilities compensation.

In July 2003, Cousins came down with prostate cancer, which was caused from Agent Orange from combat in Vietnam. At that time the VA awarded Cousins 100% disability compensation. That action changed his military retirement pay to Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC). Now CRSE is a DOD compensation to retired veterans that suffered their wounds in combat. CRSC is a tax-free compensation and it is NOT subject to the Former Spouse Protection Act of USC, Title 10, Section 1408.

In October 2005 his former spouse filed a Contempt of Court order, after waiting for two (2) years after DOD stopped paying her the $550 per month. The DOD stated that she was no longer authorized any of his disability compensation. It was during the Contempt of Court hearing in October 2005 when Judge Pullen made those unjust statements in a US Courtroom.

To learn more about this issue, visit;

Jere Beery
OFFE National Public Relations Director


73,000 Iraq War Veterans Dead

By The Idaho Observer

Last May, the Gulf War Veterans Information System of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), published a report detailing the numbers of military casualties in the Gulf since 1990. The report shows that more Gulf War veterans have died than Vietnam veterans.

U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths:

Deaths amongst Deployed—17,847

Deaths amongst Non-Deployed—55,999

Total deaths—73,846

Total soldiers killed in Viet Nam was less than 56,000.

Gulf War veterans who have filed “Undiagnosed Illness” (UDX) claims is 14,874 and the total number of disability claims filed is 1,620,906 (407,911 among the deployed and 1,212,995 among non deployed).

Thirty-six percent of combat veterans have filed disability claims.

We know government estimates for Iraqis killed are as “low” as 70,000 while statistical analysis and anecdotal evidence supports numbers ranging from 700,000 to over one million. Likewise, government estimates for U.S. soldiers killed (less than 4,000) is low compared to the DVA total of 73,000.

The discrepancy is in the counting. The government is reportedly counting only soldiers that die, in action, before being taken away by helicopter or ambulance.

As a sad anecdote, a reliable source from southern California commented that a friend had just began working at a funeral parlor. In the first two weeks, he had been at the scene of six suicides—all of them gulf War vets. That is just one funeral parlor guy, in one mid-sized American town. The possible numbers of additional service-related deaths from suicide are staggering. Who is going to count those guys?

Consider the huge numbers of non deployed among the ranks of those the DVA counts as dead.

And will they ever count the numbers of men and women who will eventually die from illnesses linked to service-related toxic exposures of drugs, chemicals and depleted uranium?

When you count all the present and future casualties of the Gulf War since it began in August, 1990, this is by far the deadliest war in U.S. history.



PART 1 of 2

by Alan Stang

January 4th 2008

Recent passage by the District of Criminals of the legislation known colloquially as the Veteran Disarmament bill raises the question of why the conspiracy for world government would want to disarm returning veterans. The conspiracy trusted these men to use the most devastating ordinance abroad; it does not trust them to keep and bear much smaller weapons here at home. The obvious answer is that these are the millions of well trained military men I was talking about in my recent piece about a possible assassination threat to Dr. Ron Paul.

These are the men the psychos at the top are afraid of, the men who can stick the red dot in their eye from a mile away. The psychos know these men are out there, watching, stewing, temperatures rising every day; they are beginning to understand that they are dying now because the psychos have poisoned them with Depleted Uranium in the field.

They are beginning to realize that the buddies and the limbs they left behind in Iraq were lost not in defense of this beloved country but in behalf of the megalomaniacal nightmare of conquest the psychos think is “normal.” Now the veterans understand that the monsters who sent them half way around the world to get sick are dismantling the system of freedom the Founding Fathers gave us here at home.

So far, they haven’t said much, but the psychos know they are simmering and that something could set them off. So, the Nazis at the top want their guns, because it is very nerve wracking to have to keep watching your chest and tum-tum, hoping that if you see the red dot there soon enough you will have time to hunker down before the round that follows it smashes through your perfumed skull and distributes gobs of your polluted brain all over the haute couture ensembles of the distinguished ladies enjoying cocktails on the balcony of your penthouse.

Proof that they are crazy is their assumption that passage of this “law”, signed by Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh, will intimidate these men – who have come home from Hell – into surrendering the ordinance they are buying to the bare walls at gun shows and stores; which logically brings us to the proper application of the Second Amendment.

Some Americans understand that the main purpose of the Second Amendment is not hunting, not sport shooting and not even self-defense, although it would certainly underwrite those worthy activities. No, the Fathers wanted each and all of us to be armed in the event that somewhere down the road this shaky experiment they had created but did not trust themselves – the federal government – were to get out of control and try to destroy our rights.

They wanted us to “keep and bear” – to carry – the guns we would need to do the job if it became necessary to “abolish” the government. Remember, the government is not the country. They are two entirely different things. The District of Criminals is the government. You are the country.

Of course, these are not my ideas. I can’t take credit for them. Remember that the nation’s birth certificate – the Declaration of Independence – says that whenever government becomes oppressive, whenever it tries to deny their rights, the people under it have the unalienable right to rise up and cast it off, even “abolish” it.

So, I write with the authority and under the protection of the President of the United States, because the man who wrote the Declaration later became President. Indeed, he also wrote that every generation or so, the people should rise up and enjoy a bloody revolution, in which the tree of liberty is refreshed “with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” presumably to remind everyone who has the power.

Many Americans know this and believe it, but I have yet to see a piece by some expert explaining what it would be like today to “abolish” the federal government as the Declaration teaches. How would it be done? Remember, I am merely speculating about some statements by the President of the United States. I am advocating nothing. I am too decrepit to do something myself. Shirley Temple in her prime could take me down. And everyone I know is as decrepit as I am. I do know from the movies that the bullet comes out of the round hole in the gun, but that is all I know.

No, I am merely speculating as a professional commentator for almost fifty years about what others – others I don’t know – could elect to do. The fury of the responses I am still receiving from around the world to my pieces about the possible assassination of Dr. Ron Paul tell me that such speculation is desperately needed today – especially from the real military experts –but, strangely, I have seen none. So you will have to settle for speculation from me.

Who, in the Founding Fathers thinking, would abolish the government, if it goes wrong? It would be the militia. What was and is the militia? Despite the obfuscatory efforts of Nazi gun confiscators like Carolyn McCarthy and Sarah Brady (Lord preserve us from crazy women whose husbands have been shot!) and Chuck Schumer (another schmuck), the Fathers said the militia was the able-bodied men in a community, i.e., the veterans the Nazis are now trying to disarm.

What the Fathers could not anticipate, and would be utterly horrified to learn, is that the experiment they created – and were so suspicious of themselves – has by now metastasized into a totalitarian monster that makes George III and his charming, little tea tax look pleasantly quaint, something Ludwig von Mises and Dr. Ron Paul would endorse as a classic exemplar of Free Enterprise.

With the destruction by the Boosh treason gang of the Posse Comitatus law, our military now can intervene domestically like George III’s British Army. Local police have been militarized. Their SWAT teams have been trained to perform military functions. Brainwashing has turned some of them into imperial zombies who would make Darth Vader proud. The Boosh treason gang has canceled habeas corpus, the ancient jewel of our system of law, and its ability to spy on us would inspire Heinrich Himmler to register Republican.

Many commentators make the point that we must tread with great caution, to avoid giving Boosh & Co. the excuse to impose martial law. Those warnings are very wise. The Boosh treason gang is looking for such an excuse to try their new weapons that can fry your brains and look inside your underwear. If the militia accidentally gives them one, they will use it to cover and justify themselves.

But if the militia does not, the Boosh treason gang would not stand down and go home. It would concoct a reason. What we are really talking about here is timing, is when it will happen. Remember that four-star general Tommy Franks, who led the invasion of Iraq, said that the next emergency like Nine Eleven would cancel the Constitution. And when a four-star general speaks, I listen. So, the mistake the militia could make is not to act; it is to act at the wrong time.

Despite this, some people say the risk is too great; that only the moral power of non-violent resistance could work. Yes, it could and did, in British India and the American South. But it could work only against people who have consciences non-violent resistance can afflict. British India and the American South were Christian. The monsters who control the District of Criminals now are not. Using non-violent resistance against them would be like using it against a crocodile.

How could it happen? For about a century, we have lived under government by emergency. I have lived abroad in a couple of other countries, so I know what it is like just to live. Most Americans do not. Here we endure endless “wars,” and “emergencies,” in quotation marks because they are as phony as a one dollar bill, not just the military wars, WWI, WWII, etc. and etc., but also the “War on Poverty,” the “War on Drugs,” etc. So my speculation is that the next phase in the battle to subdue America will be launched with the pretext of some new “war” or “emergency.”

It could be financial via the impending, engineered “collapse of the dollar.” It could be military, via the attack on Iran. Another terrorist attack across the country, even bigger than Nine Eleven could launch it. My speculation is that the conspiracy could use a medical attack. Among the advantages of such an attack is the fact that it affects everyone. The victims don’t even know they are under attack. And Boosh has said in almost as many words that a contagious epidemic of something like “bird flu,” or some other concocted disorder could trigger a “national quarantine.”

What would that include? It would include the camps. Remember the camps? One hesitates to call them “concentration” camps, but that is where the population would be concentrated. Remember that the English invented concentration camps to win the Boer War. Then Hitler, ever the copy cat – he copied his racial “science” from people like Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger – copied them. Now they sit here, built by Halliburton, staffed, supplied, fenced, but empty, ready and waiting. For part two click below.


PART 2 of 2

Waiting for whom? For illegal alien invaders of our country, brought here by the Boosh treason gang? My guess is no, because no illegal alien is incarcerated there, despite overwhelming provocations like enormous numbers. There are only two kinds of people in this country: illegal aliens and legal residents. If the camps are not meant for illegal aliens, they are meant for us. One reason – preeminent among many – could be a national epidemic.

A new “terrorist attack,” or a national quarantine could be the best “temporary” use for those camps. How would you get there? You would get there by bus, supplied by the kindly federal government, which would also help “solve” the “problem” of the guns. The Boosh treason gang knows as much about the guns as I do. More. They know the militia will not give them up. So, when the bus comes down the streets, would the militia fall for this?

“We’re not asking you to give up your guns, as we did in New Orleans. That lawyer, the one we saw on television promising that, if we came for his guns, somebody would die, scared us. The little, old lady the SWATster from California disarmed, was a public relations disaster. So, no, we certainly won’t take your guns. We don’t believe in that. Taking your guns would violate the Second Amendment. Just get on the bus. Leave your guns right where they are, in your gun cabinets. Be reasonable. The bus will be full of women and children. In such cramped conditions your guns could endanger them. The guns will be where you leave them when you come home.”

Would the militia fall for that? It sounds so “reasonable.” It would sound even more “reasonable,” if a preacher from the totalitarian “religious right” were there to plead with you to be “reasonable.” Do you really want to be a sorehead? Indeed, would the militia get on the bus at all, with or without arms? Or would the abolition of the government start at the curb? When the bus arrives, would it be too late? Or would the bus find no one home?

Which logically raises the forbidding question of how the militia would fight such fearsome weapons? Remember, I am writing under the protection of the President of the United States. I advocate nothing. I am simply speculating, wondering, which is certainly “reasonable” to do in the present situation. What would a galvanized militia do?

Tradition would pick a leader, organize and recruit, thinking that the new organization would grow quickly and do what is required. Sadly, that would probably be the worst action to take. During a century and more of activity, the conspiracy for world government has become quite adept at the art of infiltration. It infiltrates any and every organization that is or could become influential.

Indeed, before long the ringer the conspirators send to infiltrate the new patriot organization would be running it. How? Simply because the infiltrator would be the best member. He would be the man you always call on. He would do the dirty jobs, the jobs no one else will do. He would come early and stay late.

Other members of the group would be proud of him. “Good old Charlie. He’s the heart and soul of the group.” Soon, the group would be perverted, implementing a goal completely different from the one the founder proclaimed. The organization would be working against itself, useless. Remember the priceless New Yorker cartoon? It shows a dark, smoky opium den, in which half a dozen men hold guns on each other. The caption says, “You mean, we’re all Treasury agents?”

Any leader that emerges would be bribed, co-opted, blackmailed or killed. Hasn’t this happened again and again? You don’t need to guess about it. I have named some of the fallen in previous pieces. So, my speculation is that, when the feces hit the fan, the militia would choose different methods. What would they do? If organization and leaders wouldn’t work, what would? How can you win a battle without them?

My guess is that first they would read Anabasis by Xenophon, a historian who wrote some four hundred years before Jesus. Anabasis is the story of some ten thousand Greeks, betrayed and stranded on the Anatolian plateau, in what is now Turkey, who had to fight their way through hundreds of miles and numberless Persian enemies, from ancient Babylon, near modern Baghdad, to the Black Sea and home.

Their general, Clearchus, invited to a “peace conference” was captured and killed. They had no leader. Yet, the ten thousand beat the Persians, who outnumbered them by a factor too high to multiply. How? Xenophon, who was one of them, relates that when the leader in a Persian unit was killed, the unit would disintegrate. When a Greek commander was killed, the next man in line became the leader. Every Greek was a general. One of the most thrilling scenes in all literature comes when the head of the column arrives and the others hear them shouting, “The sea! The sea!”

How does this apply here and now? Remember, a military man really should be writing this. I am what George Wallace used to call a “pointy-head” – you can actually see the point on my head – not a military man, but I am writing it because I haven’t found a military man who is. Remember also that I write under the protection and with the authority of the President of the United States.

My speculation is that when the conspiracy for world government finally does come all the way out into the open, when it tries to nail the dictatorship down by imposing martial law, the militia would employ a tactic the military men in the Nam used to call “target of opportunity,” in a species of guerrilla warfare. There would be nothing to infiltrate; no address, no headquarters, no membership records to seize. There would be no leaders to execute. Every man would be a general, or, as one of my readers has suggested, a fish in the sea, a fish with teeth, a sea teeming with piranha.

The militia would strike from the shadows and be gone before the world government Nazis could respond. Wouldn’t that get nasty? Mercy sakes, yes, it would get nasty, nasty beyond the imagination of most Americans to conceive. It would get nasty because the conspiracy for world government is trying to impose a dictatorship and has already killed tens of millions around the world for the purpose in the most horrifying ways. They treat our own military men like dirt. If they were to obey the Constitution, my guess is that none of this would happen, but did you really think they would just put down their brain fryers and walk away?

What would the militia do? First, pray that nothing happens to the President. Yes, Boosh is a traitor, but remember that his successor would be Darth Cheney, who could be his control. Yes, Soviet agent Heinz Kissinger is a traitor, but the militia would probably not run into him and the same with traitor David Rockefeller who actually confesses in his autobiography that he is “part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States.”

They are protected by layers of security. Of course, they could accidentally become “targets of opportunity.” Pray that they don’t. Honestly, I would hate to hear that treasonous scumbag Herr Kissinger or David Rockefeller’s entourage turned the wrong corner and were obliterated by a superannuated 82nd Airborne unit (“Death From the Sky”) in a bloody cross fire that left their greasy body parts hanging on a fence.

When and if – God forbid! – this thing starts to happen, how will you know it is genuine, or phony? You will certainly know it is phony if it kills large numbers of innocent bystanders, who just happen to be present. That kind of thing is the telltale signature of governments conducting Communist terror to intimidate populations, like the bombings presently perpetrated in the Middle East. What we are speculating about here, on the contrary, would regrettably target the individual guilty perpetrators of world government crimes.

Who would they be? Some genius has said that all politics are local. The conspiracy for world government has a big Achilles heel. Somebody has to enforce the myriad dictatorial controls the conspiracy has imposed. Some of those controls are installed by local governments inspired by federal bribes. That is how the District of Criminals nationalized the local police.

Others are administered by locally-based federal employees. They range from the construction of your commode to the new, mandatory light bulb loaded with extremely toxic mercury; from banning political signs for the “wrong’ candidate on your own property to prison for a cancer victim who uses marijuana prescribed by his physician for pain, to the use of “federal” land, and on and on and on.

The totalitarian insults are endless. Yes, the militia could reach the monsters at the top only with the greatest difficulty, only by accident that creates a “target of opportunity.” But the pimps who must impose the metastasizing dictatorship – and are essential to it – are easy to reach. The militia knows who they are, where they are, even where they live.

They could even live next door. Sadly, they have made themselves progressively obnoxious. They strut and preen about their new power. They can’t be fired and make more money and benefits than you do. They think they are the new Lords of Creation. As you read this paragraph, each of you sees their exulting faces in mind’s eye. What would happen if one by one they disappear? Would not their ranks be roiled by panic? Remember that the dictatorship could not work without them. Would they start to call in sick?

What could such a tactic accomplish? Remember Alexander Solzhenitsyn? His Gulag Archipelago introduced a new word to our language. Because the Party line at the time called for constant reminders of the horrors of the Soviet system, he was a media darling here for a few years – until the famous speech at Harvard in which he denounced the spiritual collapse of the West and said that like his own people we have forgotten God. Our Communist media dropped him like a rock. He has been back in Russia for many years. Today, few Americans have ever heard of him.

Solzhenitsyn says this: “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests . . . people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers or whatever else was at hand? . . . And you could be sure ahead of time that you would be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur – what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and . . . the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

Solzhenitsyn concludes: “If . . . if . . . We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation. . . . [W]e hurried to submit. We submitted with pleasure! . . . We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” Are we aware of the real situation? Do we love freedom enough? If not, we shall deserve everything the conspiracy for world government is preparing to do. Like Solzhenitsyn, you would have plenty of time to discuss it in the Halliburton camps.

There is another Achilles Heel. Yes, it is perfectly true that the psychos have weapons that would make most private arms look like sling shots. But precisely because those weapons are so sophisticated, they are run by computers. And the Freedom Forces have the nerds who run the computers, and who know that defeat would mean the loss of their internet freedoms. That is why Dr. No enjoys almost universal nerd support. And they can hack into anything! I speculate that when the fit hits the shan the nerds could bring the system down. What would that do to the psychos’ weapons? The plethora of history and economics majors in the Dr. Paul ranks can easily be explained. He is the only candidate who knows what they are talking about.

Remember, I do not advocate anything. I don’t do anything. Because I’m so decrepit I don’t know anyone who does. I’m too decrepit to hit a face with a pie. I’m simply speculating about what could happen, based on where we are now, combined with the scary feedback I am still receiving from the militia. The only thing I advocate is complete, docile obedience to law, in the true spirit of Romans 13 and the teachings of the President of the United States.

Which recalls the fact that fears for my own safety are now arriving. Regular readers warn I could be killed myself. I do not believe it. Why would anyone take the risk of rubbing out a man as meek, as mild and inoffensive, as your doddering correspondent? But just in case these warnings have substance, may I publicly suggest that I have earned the services of a professional who will commit to do a thorough job. My innumerable warrior grandma fans around the world would be very disturbed were an amateur merely to mess up my good looks. There is also the fact that these grandmas are already riled up. Believe me; you don’t want to make them any madder.

Alan Stang was one of Mike Wallace’s original writers at Channel 13 in New York, where he wrote some of the scripts that sent Mike to CBS. Stang has been a radio talk show host himself. In Los Angeles, he went head to head nightly with Larry King, and, according to Arbitron, had almost twice as many listeners. He has been a foreign correspondent. He has written hundreds of feature magazine articles in national magazines and some fifteen books, for which he has won many awards, including a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for journalistic excellence. One of Stang’s exposés stopped a criminal attempt to seize control of New Mexico, where a gang seized a court house, held a judge hostage and killed a deputy. The scheme was close to success before Stang intervened. Another Stang exposé inspired major reforms in federal labor legislation.

His first book, It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, was an instant best-seller. His first novel, The Highest Virtue, set in the Russian Revolution, won smashing reviews and five stars, top rating, from the West Coast Review of Books, which gave five stars in only one per cent of its reviews.

Stang has lectured in every American state and around the world and has guested on many top shows, including CNN’s Cross Fire. Because he and his wife had the most kids in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, where they lived at the time, the entire family was chosen to be actors in “Havana,” directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, the most expensive movie ever made (at the time). Alan Stang is the man in the ridiculous Harry Truman shirt with the pasted-down hair. He says they made him do it.



For What Its Worth

Buffalo Springfield 1966

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and they carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
You better Stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
You better Stop, now, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
You better Stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down


War Vet, 50, Stunned By New Deployment

Former Soldier Last Served During 1st Gulf War

by Jeremy Finley

December 31st 2008

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — A veteran who has been out of the military for 15 years and recently received his AARP card was stunned when he received notice he will be deployed to Iraq.

Video: Gulf War Veteran Will Head To Iraq

The last time Paul Bandel, 50, saw combat was in the early 1990s during the Gulf War.

“(I was) kind of shocked, not understanding what I was getting into,” said Bandel.
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In 1993, Bandel took the option of leaving the Army without retirement and never thought he would be called back to action.

“Here he’s 50 years old, getting his AARP card, and here he’s being redeployed with all these 18-year-olds,” said Paul’s wife, Linda Bandel.

“I can understand, say, ‘Here, we have this assignment for you stateside. Go do your training,'” said Paul Bandel. “But, ‘Hey, here’s a gun, go back to the desert.'”

Involuntary recall allows the military, regardless of age or how long someone has been out of service, to order vets back into active duty.

“Anger’s not the word. I was more concerned about the financial impact it’s going to do. My pay’s probably cut in half,” said Paul Bandel.

“Right now, I’m just in disbelief because it’s like the disbelief that this could be happening 15 years after being out of the military. It’s like a dream or a nightmare,” said Linda Bandel.

The veteran is dusting off his old uniforms and torn between his duty to his country and obligations as a grandfather.

“I certainly never thought I’d be going back there at this point in my life,” said Paul Bandel.

The last missile system the veteran was trained to operate is no longer used by the military.

Calls to the Army and the Pentagon about how many men and women in their 50s are being called back to duty were not returned Wednesday.

Paul Bandel will be deployed overseas until 2010. His wife plans to move in with her elderly parents until his return.



By Larry Pratt

September 22nd 2007

Hundreds of thousands of veterans — from Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom — are at risk of being banned from buying firearms if legislation that is pending in Congress gets enacted.

How? The Veterans Disarmament Act — which has already passed the House — would place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the federal gun ban list.

This is exactly what President Bill Clinton did over seven years ago when his administration illegitimately added some 83,000 veterans into the National Criminal Information System (NICS system) — prohibiting them from purchasing firearms, simply because of afflictions like PTSD.

The proposed ban is actually broader. Anyone who is diagnosed as being a tiny danger to himself or others would have his gun rights taken away … forever. It is section 102(b)(1)(C)(iv) in HR 2640 that provides for dumping raw medical records into the system. Those names — like the 83,000 records mentioned above — will then, by law, serve as the basis for gun banning.

No wonder the Military Order of the Purple Heart is opposed to this legislation.

The House bill, HR 2640, is being sponsored by one of the most flaming anti-Second Amendment Representatives in Congress: Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). Another liberal anti-gunner, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), is sponsoring the bill in the Senate.

Proponents of the bill say that helpful amendments have been made so that any veteran who gets his name on the NICS list can seek an expungement.

But whenever you talk about expunging names from the Brady NICS system, you’re talking about a procedure that has always been a long shot. Right now, there are NO EXPUNGEMENTS of law-abiding Americans’ names that are taking place under federal level. Why? Because the expungement process which already exists has been blocked for over a decade by a “funds cut-off” engineered by another anti-gunner, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).

So how will this bill make things even worse? Well, two legal terms are radically redefined in the Veterans Disarmament Act to carry out this vicious attack on veterans’ gun rights.

One term relates to who is classified a “mental defective.” Forty years ago that term meant one was adjudicated “not guilty” in a court of law by reason of insanity. But under the Veterans Disarmament Act, “mental defective” has been stretched to include anyone whom a psychiatrist determines might be a tiny danger to self or others.

The second term is “adjudicate.” In the past, one could only lose one’s gun rights through an adjudication by a judge, magistrate or court — meaning conviction after a trial. Adjudication could only occur in a court with all the protections of due process, including the right to face one’s accuser. Now, adjudication in HR 2640 would include a finding by “a court, commission, committee or other authorized person” (namely, a psychiatrist).

Forget the fact that people with PTSD have the same violent crime rate as the rest of us. Vietnam vets with PTSD have had careers and obtained permits to carry firearms concealed. It will now be enough for a psychiatric diagnosis (a “determination” in the language of the bill) to get a veteran barred ­for life ­ from owning guns.

Think of what this bill would do to veterans. If a robber grabs your wallet and takes everything in it, but gives you back $5 to take the bus home, would you call that a financial enhancement? If not, then we should not let HR 2640 supporters call the permission to seek an expungement an enhancement, when prior to this bill, veterans could not legitimately be denied their gun rights after being diagnosed with PTSD.

Veterans with PTSD should not be put in a position to seek an expungement. They have not been convicted (after a trial with due process) of doing anything wrong. If a veteran is thought to be a threat to self or others, there should be a real trial, not an opinion (called a diagnosis) by a psychiatrist.

If members of Congress do not hear from soldiers (active duty and retired) in large numbers, along with the rest of the public, the Veterans Disarmament Act — misleadingly titled by Rep. McCarthy as the NICS Improvement Amendments Act — will send this message to veterans: “No good deed goes unpunished.”

© 2007 Larry Pratt – All Rights Reserved