What was the Gulf War About

By Jeff Flesher

     The Gulf War was not about Money… directly, or Oil… directly, it was about Slavery. Slavery you say, well that is just as stupid of a remark as I have ever heard; well tell that to the thousand of Third Country National’s (TCN) who died during the Gulf War. In fact, they were the target of the Gulf War, the only people who were systematically murdered during the whole war, so why is this?

     In 1960 when Kuwait was forming its work forces to operate the Oil fields, they employed TCN’s to become the work class, at slave salaries, they were promised that they would become Citizens, and in 1990 that promise was about to become history, but it will remain an untold story in the pages of history, as it turns out, in fact, its a little know fact at all.

     What you have to ask yourself is why didn’t main stream media report this? One reason, they were told not to, and they do what their slave masters tell them to do. This war was fought by slaves, because that is what all Army’s are made up of, slaves; you or I, as soldiers, vets, or just civilians, do not want to admit that we are slaves to the system, but to the Governments, that is all we are and nothing more.

     History was written by a group, or race of people called “Main Stream Media”.

     All Wars have been Holy Wars, the Gulf War is nothing different, now Iran will soon suffer this Holy War, and who will fight it? The Slaves.


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