Gulf War Syndrome May Stem From Chemical Exposure

Venus of FL
Apr 03, 2009 22:29:12 PM

GW Exposure Illnesses

The phrase Gulf War Syndrome was created by the media, Not the DoD/VA medical staff or the troops/veterans.
Very few troops/veterans got to see Environmental Medicine, Travel Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Travel Medicine doctors unless we paid for their services out of (personal) pocket. If the incorrect diagnostics is used, one will not find abnormal values!
In 1990-91 OSHA protections, standards were not in place for deployed troops. The studies show that vaccines during this period were of poor quality and some were listed as experimental given to U.S. troops.
If only 10% suffered from exposures during GW service, there would be how many sick from 600,000 ?
These 10% is what I call disposable GI`s. Your sons and daughters.
GW syndrome does not and never existed – GW Exposure Illnesses (at least 33 variants) still disables veterans 18 years later.
Army GW incapacitated vet

Gulf war syndrome
I agree 100%. I’m a marine who was vaccinated. I served in the theater of operation from 09/90 thru 04/91. I was discharged 12/93. Shortly later at the VA med center JP Boston I read about Gulf War Syndrome study. I had signed up for it. My blood blood was drawn, and tested. Weeks later the results were in. I had qualified for the study. At that time I agreed to participate. I was told the reason I qualified was that I had an infection in my blood called Mycoplasma infection. It was a double blind study. Neither me or the doctor knew I was on an antibiotic or a placebo. I took medication for 12 months not knowing what I was taking. Blood was drawn once again for a follow up. The results came back negative, I had no mycoplasma in my blood. I thought this was great, but then they told me I was on a placebo for 12 months. They said I had no symptoms of GWS. After that I let it go. Until recently (thanks to the internet) I have researched GWS/Mycoplasma infection. How could I have a mycoplasma infection in my blood, and 12 Months later after being on a placebo they say my blood work is good. I don`t understand how a placebo can take mycoplasma out of your system. I have researched on this, and have found articles where the CIA has submitted false information about Iraq, and chemical weapons during Desert storm. Trying to say GWS is from Iraq`s chemical weapons. Do the research for yourself it will not take long

Dr Blockbuster (Vince) of XX
Mar 30, 2009 13:07:32 PM

Gulf War Syndrome
I am done. the VA wants me to FKN die loading me up on up to 18 diff meds a day spinning me of from one “specialist” to the next never doing a damn thing, changed my Pri care 3 times in 5 month`s, lost my records -“deny deny deny until they die”- should be the new motto. Good luck out there all you vets your gonna need it. TM out…

The Gulf Conspiracy of Gulf War Syndrome

18 years later, what do we see – just more and more and more and MORE lab experiments on possible causes of Gulf War Syndrome.

Do the Gulf Vets care about this? – no! , what they want and DESERVE WITHOUT RESERVATION is recognition of their symptoms, the best treatment available, and recompense from the respective governments. Oh, and also, I should point out that these are sought as soon as possible and not in the year 2100 when only historians will be around to consider the facts.

No doubt the “flawed vaccinations” were a major (not sole) cause of GWS and it doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to work that out when you consider the negligible GWS effect on French troops who were not similarly vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine like the US and British forces. Strange also how troops vaccinated at home base at the end of the War developed symptoms though THEY NEVER WENT to the theater of operations.

Why pump all this money into research when the primary directive after 18 years is surely to treat symptoms as opposed to produce theorems. How are Gulf vets to feel reading about experiments like this … cheered or “talked over” yet again.

Even this month, in the UK, Lord Craig of Radley (Marshal of the Royal Air Force), chief of the Defense Staff in the 1991 Gulf War, called on ministers to act “urgently” on important US findings about the debilitating illness.

If you wish you can read more FACTS and INFORMATION here:

Dr Blockbuster will continue to highlight the lack of closure on GWS after 18 years – HOW LONG MUST THIS NONSENSE CONTINUE?

Mar 28, 2009 08:35:50 AM

Are we gulf vets going to take this lying down? OR, are we going to do something about it ? REMEMBER our governments are now laughing at us behind closed doors now that they have had there dirty work done for them! and they really don`t care a toss about any health issues of anybody. They are only interested in how to dodge and avoid the issue! The evidence is their attitude over the last 18 years on the subject ! my faith in you is TOTAL,—– God bless.

Darin of MD
Mar 27, 2009 12:32:02 PM

Join the club….there are thousands of us. Kidney’s failed and laundry list of probs. Fight the fight still.

Anne Wright of CA
Mar 25, 2009 23:24:07 PM

Cholinesterase inhibitor sensitivity

There are a number of genetic polymorphisms related to cholinesterase (BCHE and ACHE genes) that can make some people more susceptible to cholinesterase inhibitors than others.

Hermona Soreq and her colleagues have done the best work I have found on this. Chapter 4 of the book “Cholinesterases and Cholinesterase Inhibitors” By Ezio Giacobini covers this well (

At least some of these polymorphisms appear on the list of SNPs that places like 23andMe and deCODEme test for. I am very curious what it would show if the veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome were tested for the BCHE and ACHE related SNPs Dr. Soreq mentions, and how well those results would correlate with the findings of Dr. Haley’s imaging studies.

Also, if you are prone to sensitivity to cholinesterase inhibitors, stress and past exposure to cholinesterase inhibitors apparently can make you more sensitive, even to small doses, in the future. There are cholinesterase inhibitors in the food we eat — particularly nightshade vegetables (potato, tomato, peppers, and eggplant), and pesticide residue on non-organic produce. I have found that trying very hard to avoid eating foods that contain cholinesterase inhibitors a lot of symptoms similar to those described above eventually improve or even go away. It can take a while, since these toxins can persist a long time (weeks to months), but it can help a lot.

I wonder if trying to modify their diets to reduce exposure to food-borne cholinesterase inhibitors might also help veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.

Chris Peterson of OK
Mar 25, 2009 15:20:32 PM

Gulf war

I am a 37yo veteran of the Gulf War. I served as a liaison for United States 142nd field artillery.I started suffering from headaches, sleeplessness, fatigue, rashes, oral ulcers, mood disturbances, GI problems, muscle stiffness and pain, burning semen, and other various unexplainable symptoms. Not knowing what was wrong with me or how to deal with it I self medicated with marijuana to deal with the chronic pain and sleeplessness. After a failed marriage and several jobs I rec’d a letter in 2000 from the secretary of defense. In his words “If you were with your unit from March 3rd – March 10th 1991 you may indeed have been exposed to low levels of chemical nerve agent for a brief period of no more than 3 days.There is no conclusive evidence to prove that any long term health effects can be caused by a brief low level exposure to chemical nerve agent.” I decided to go to the VA. I thought I was going to receive help, understanding, or treatment to improve my quality of life, instead, I got a bunch of pills thrown at me the pills did not seem to work so they tried something else after several scripts none of which helped even a little I lost faith in the doctors.After expressing my dissatisfaction with the results to the Dr I was directed to mental health where more scripts were given after saying this drug is not working I was told to take twice as much of the medication. I`m currently 80% service connected (= to a house payment & electric bill) it took 5 years to get that if not for my wife I would have given up totally. the VA is not going to HELP YOU IN ANY WAY to get compensation. Ive been told this by the Dr. Instead they are there to discredit any evidence you might have to support your claim. Basically if you don`t have a good Dr. of your own who will point the finger toward your military service as causing your ailments your screwed. The DAV also misplaced several of my documents at key times (just before decisions) which caused another denial or two which prolonged my process by 2 years. the DAV also changed the wording on my claim 2years into the process which ultimately cost me 2 years of back pay. Its up to you totally to present your case in such a way they can not deny you. If you can prove you were there and have the evidence you need and the ailments they are willing to pay for you will get what should have been handed to you. I am not working, my last job (dealing cards at a casino part time) I cant do.Sitting in one position for extended period is very painful as is anything requiring strength. Sleeping is all but impossible without drugs. 2 months after returning from war I took a PT test my normal 11min 2 mile run took 15 min I had to walk the last 1/4 mile, just could not take in enough air overall my test score was down 25%. I live in Oklahoma and my claim was only successful after getting my senator involved.I would be happy to talk to anyone who was there if I can help I will. I`m ashamed of my country’s use of service members

Michael Akullian of FL
Mar 25, 2009 06:07:43 AM

gulf war

I personally suffer chest pains headaches nausea gastro-intestinal shakes body pain involuntary multiple muscle twitching especially on left eye and side of face and body fatigue sleeplessness flue like symptoms respiratory and just generally physical and mental issues loss of memory mood and so on i suffer every day symptoms started one week after forced injections non FDA approved anthrax vaccine DEC 1990 Hahn AB Germany i got sick while in gulf war have combat medical record Jan 91. upon return may 91 ordered not to donate blood for contamination and gulf war illness and after ten year honorable air force career not allowed to finish my career or reenlist because of mandatory strength reduction and downsizing.after FDA shut down anthrax vaccine program at bio port Lansing Michigan I received letter from Miami VA hospital to participate in Persian gulf war registry program and got a physical and applied for benefits.produced Jan 91 combat medical record to VA st pete regional office but in my original denial they changed it to a may 95 VA hospital visit to discredit record also compensation doctors had policy to discredit gulf war illness and instead they diagnosed me with PTSD and i was on pain sleep and nerve meds for years and it almost killed me don`t take any now but this purpose driven medical agenda has made me worst off than before i tried to get help. St Pete regional board of VA appeals and us court of appeals have all denied me for benefits and one reason is because they say its pre existing or mental or my factual statements are of layman quality even though i was a respiratory tech and pharmacy tech for a home health care company.also retire Admiral Crowe got his buddy Clinton to restart anthrax vaccine program in 1997 after he purchased bio port for pennies on the dollar. crazy messed main stream Americans i wish i never got all those vaccines and pills and i wish i never served because most Americans and America are not worth the pain and illnesses i have on a daily basis for the last 18 years at least you would think i would get 100% compensation and back pay but the government would rather spend the money mis-diagnosing me and fighting me foe benefits. i have a new appeal at us court of appeals for veterans claims but don`t have much faith because that court is not part of VA and will not accept or change records or fix the purpose driven mistakes the denial boards and medical teams opinions have made over the years and at that court level its me verses the secretary of veterans affairs and his team of lawyers. tried many times to get help form my congress people in Florida but all they do is inquire status of my claim which i obviously already know. my career health and gainful lively hood have suffered and i consider myself damaged goods and thought it was best to post this reluctantly because it is humiliating and embarrassing but so is America.

Mar 25, 2009 00:13:16 AM


Alvin Pritchard was a Welsh Cavelry trooper during the 1st gulf war, and served with 1st THE QUEENS DRAGOON GUARDS. British army. He fought along side the 7th U.S. marine corps during op. desert shield. He now lives in Wales, U.K.


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