Keeping the Heart Healthy

Keeping the Heart Healthy is a full time job, you can not pick when you will work on it or you might find that it is too late. We all know the things we should do, exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep; but we don’t always do this.

This is going to be a work in progress, so if you read it once, you might have missed something that has changed or added, so check back from time to time if you find this of any help.

This is a list; not an exhausted list; but a start:

  1. Watch your weight and Mean Body Weight (MBW) by Body Fat
  2. Eat only organic food
  3. Little to no red meat
  4. Drink only water, no coffee or tea not even herbal, they are dietetics, no juice unless you prepare it from fresh fruit; one class (2 to 8 oz) of wine, red with no sulfites, mineral water from good source.
  5. Only get fat from fresh nuts
  6. Fresh fish, no skin
  7. Carrots, green beans, corn, spinach if you like them or not; eat some of them fresh and un-cooked at least once a week
  8. Apples with skin and one or two seeds, no more every day
  9. Grapes with seeds and skin
  10. Oxygen, by mask, setting at 8 for 20 minutes a day; you must breath deep; in fact you need to learn to breath right; slow deep breaths.
  11. Colon Cleanse frequently.
  12. Vitamins in correct dosage only.
  13. Exercise in moderation according to your age and health
  14. Breath Slow and Deep
  15. Relax
  16. Have Fun!
  17. Stress at the moment then let the moment go, do not hold on to it.
  18. Get some Sun but don’t not get Sun Burned!
  19. Fresh Air
  20. Keep your mind active, but focused
  21. No Aluminum, nothing from cans
  22. Know what you put into your bodies; it is a temple


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