Reasons for Hiring Veterans and How to Complete This Patriotic Mission

Reasons for Hiring Veterans and How to Complete This Patriotic Mission

Anyone who runs a company knows that skilled, reliable employees are tough to come by. Many applicants lack the qualities that make for a dependable worker. Military veterans tend to be some of the best candidates available. The following explains why, along with tips on how to bring them on board.

Qualities That Come With Recruiting Vets

Having been in the military, armed forces graduates possess abilities many do not. As members of an organized system, they’ve internalized the importance of taking orders and following instructions. You couldn’t ask for better team players, a vital element for any organization’s success.

Similarly, soldiers who’ve held leadership roles become effective business leaders. They understand wielding power responsibly and take duties seriously. Accustomed to working under pressure, they’re comfortable making weighty decisions. Other qualities include independence and a strong work ethic.

Advantages That Come With Recruiting Vets

Veterans have considerable skills regarding health and safety protocols. Preparing to face life on the battlefield requires mastering all styles of medical emergency techniques. If your business involves heavy machinery or dangerous situations, the presence of one of these individuals is especially welcome when someone experiences an injury. Those with medical experience during their time in the military are perfect candidates for healthcare positions, including surgical assistants, radiologists, and respiratory therapists.

Veterans are also often comfortable using technology. Many roles in the armed forces involve computers, such as code cracking and drone surveillance. As such, they tend to be savvy at finding information online.

Students of virtual commerce say that, by the year 2040, 95% of all transactions will take place over the web. You don’t want your company to get left behind when it comes to Cyber sales. Someone comfortable with computerization can assist with this transition and will be a stellar pick to become your chief technical officer or IT specialist.

Additionally, your business can earn tax credits for hiring veterans. Ask your accountant about the Veterans with Services-Connected Disability rebates and unemployment tax credit possibilities.

Strategies for Recruiting Vets

Maybe you’re convinced hiring veterans is the right move, yet you aren’t sure how to do it. It’s essentially the same process as looking for civilian employees. Still, there are techniques and sensitivities human resources departments should utilize when placing the call.

Start by letting your local Veterans Service Organization know your interest. These organizations sometimes have job placement programs that will match you with applicants.

Follow this by making a hiring announcement through social media. One key to an attractive job listing is a graphical element. With an online photo editor, you can resize image for Instagram or any other social media platform so they’ll load fast and still look great. From there, uploading files to a variety of platforms is a cinch.

Create job listings that appeal to veterans. Emphasize why your opportunity is perfect for those with backgrounds in the armed forces. Increase comfortability with the prospect of working for you by correctly using Military Occupational Specialty codes. During interviews, refrain from asking about specific deployments or the official reason for discharge, thus sidestepping the perception that you’re probing for confidential military information or a disqualifying medical condition, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hiring veterans is one of the best moves a business leader can make. Those who’ve served are strong both mentally and physically, not to mention highly skilled. Search for patriots who can protect your company with the same vigor they defended the nation.


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