Project Vets Sanctuary (PVS)

Project Vets Sanctuary is a long term plan to provide food and shelter for Vets and their family.
The first facility will be built on approximately 1,000 acres of land that is surrounded by BLM property to make sure civilization doesn’t move in and want them to move out. The idea is simple: build a place for people to live, build a self-sustaining power, water and food supply center.

Why Project Vets Sanctuary?

Thousands of Vets are homeless, or do not fit into society, this is a sanctuary for them, a place that they can come to live out their lives in peace and harmony. A lot of people will say this is an impossible dream; but I say its a dream worth trying.

What type of life will the Sanctuary provide?

This isn’t going to be an easy life, you will have to work and help out, this isn’t a hotel where you get three meals a day and laundry done for you, we will try to provide the means and it will be your job to meet those needs.

We will provide fields and water to grow food and raise live stock; its up to the residence to tend the fields and live stock; to do their laundry and prepare meals and other chores that they have to do in society anyway. The idea is that this is not a city, we want it to be a community in the country; a simpler way of life; grow our own food, live like people should live. With enough donations we can have buildings built for people to live in; but this is all based on donations, we may have to find ways to make money to become self sufficient.

First things first: I need to raise the money to pay for a 501c charity so that I can start raising the money for this project; then we’ll start a trust fund where all the money will be held. We have to insure that everything is legal and binding throughout the ages, since this is a long term plan, we want it to be in place a thousand years from now, well, at least a hundred.

We will first purchase the land, put a well on it, then start construction on the common area, which will include a power plant, which will be a combination of solar, wind and alternate energy sources. In the next few months we will map out our plans in more detail.

This is list of requirements to date:

  • All facilities will be handicap accessible.
  • A van that will transport patients to and from the nearest VA on a weekly or biweekly schedule.

What Vets will be allowed in this facility?

This is a hard question to answer, since we do not want to discriminate against any Vets or their Family members, who must also fall under this same criteria.
We will have to further refine or requirements as time goes by.

  • Residence must not require hospitalization. Currently we have no plans to provide medical care, other than having a van that will transport patients to and from the nearest VA, therefore we can only provide for those vets that do not require hospitalization.
  • All residence must be self relent, meaning they have the means to provide for them-self, that is a broad statement, it simply means that they do not require staff to assist them, they can have a spouse or other person to assist them and still meet this criteria.
  • Residence can not be mentally insane, this falls under our criteria from above and is also for the safety of staff and people living there.
  • Freedom of Religion; this is a non-religious community by definition, residence have the right to worship any religion they want; but we have no plans to build churches or promote a religion.
    This is a grey area that can only be avoided by taken the states stance on freedom of religion and freedom from religion.
  • Residence can not have any outstanding warrants or criminal activity that can not be reconciled by being here, in other words; if payment is required to pay off tickets, arrangements can be made.
  • Most Laws apply here. There are way too many laws in this world and trying to enforce them is not going to happen here, we have no plans to hire police or allow them into the sanctuary other than to remove someone who has broken a law that requires them to be removed.
    Extradition is a given also; this is not a sanctuary from the law; don’t do the crime if you can spend the time.
    The intent is that this community as a whole will be law abiding citizens.
  • Tolerance to others is a hard enough thing to do when everyone is healthy and feeling good; this is a community where this isn’t the norm, people have issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other issues for a start, some residence will be missing legs and arms and have other war time injuries; tolerance to others is a must in this place.
  • Drugs will always be an issue in every city, town or community on this planet; this Sanctuary will be no different; we will not allow the use of certain types of drugs: like speed, cocaine or opiates not prescribed by a VA doctor and will not tolerate any drug that can harm the mind or body even if it is prescribed by a doctor unless its use is deemed required because no other treatment has helped.
    We will have a Grow permit for Medical Marijuana but will only condone its use as a medicine, for treatment for pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD or other related symptom that would benefit from its use. It may still require that the user gets a permit from the state in order to use it; remember we are all law abiding citizens. We do know that a security plan will have to be in place to make sure that this product does not get abused.
  • Any member who can not abide by the rules will be asked to leave; you can not have a community of peace and harmony unless everyone tries to abide by a simple set of rules.

There are many more issues that will have to be resolved and this is by no means a complete list.

The issue of schools, clothing, recreation and other things that required in normal society will be required here.

Currently a lot of Vets do not fit into society and as a result, they can not fit in, most of them commit suicide, or live a life not worth living; the goal here is to provide a means for those people to survive and live a healthy productive life.


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