BZ Timeline

by Erowid

  • 1958 Army begins experimenting with BZ.
  • 1962 – 1964 U.S. army produced over 100,000 pounds of BZ for use in Vietnam.
  • 1962 U.S. military allocates 2 million dollars to the construction of a facility designed exclusively for weaponizing conventional bombs with BZ.
  • 1963 Major James S. Ketchum, who participated in research experiments at the US Army Chemical and Research and Development Laboratories at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, publishes a technical memorandum detailing BZ’s effects on 362 human subjects.
  • 1964 Army begins using BZ gas in Vietnam.
  • Late 1960’s BZ production is discontinued because “its effects on enemy front-line troops would be varied and unpredictable”.
  • 1986 U.S. military chemical arsenal at Pine Bluff still contains BZ bombs awaiting destruction.
  • 1990 The movie Jacob’s Ladder portrays the use of BZ during the Vietnam war.


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