Pain pills prescribed by the VA don’t always work for PTSD and cause addiction.

Dr. Phillip Leveque

(MOLALLA, Ore.) – The people who know the most and best about the benefits of marijuana as medicine are certainly not the physicians nor the pharmacologists such as myself. Frequently I get letters like this one I am responding to.

David is a Marine Combat Veteran/Victim of two extensive combat tours in Iraq. He definitely has PTSD with depression, pain and social and family problems. This is a sterling example of been there, seen that, done that.

He has been given pain pills by the VA which don’t work for PTSD and just cause addiction. Anti-depressants don’t work either, they just make most people dopey!

His pleas like many others is this, “please help other Vets like me and myself in trying to reason with these Govt. officials that used us and now that we are out (of the service) they just want to shove pills down our throats to medically drug us to keep our mouths shut.”

He pleads through me that I appeal to our 3 million or so Veterans and organizations for help in alerting and advising Congress to please do something for the Veterans.

Numerous stories are in newspapers and television about the miserable medical malpractice of the VA for these Veterans.

Apparently ONLY Congress can do something about it. A couple of years ago, senior generals running Walter Reed Army Hospital were FIRED. Has the situation improved?

David’s final plea is, “give us something that works”.

According to David and hundreds of other Vets, marijuana/cannabis is that drug.


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