Disabled Vets

    The number of Disabled Vets in the US are at an all time high, so much for this is not going to be another Vietnam, no its going to be longer and have a toll much larger.

    The number of disabled veterans has jumped by 25 percent since 2001 to 2.9 million at a cost of about $33 Billion a year.

    The VA system is getting overloaded with new cases, health care cost is rising, waiting time for health care is getting longer and there is no end in site.

    I have a feeling the Government will try to deny claims and push health care cost off to the disabled vets and other vets with no disabilities just to cut cost.

    We have disabled vets from every war: Gulf War, Vietnam, Korean, WW1 and WW2; all still working on problems that were unique to that war.

    The Gulf war has Depleted Uranium and Anthrax Vaccinations, Vietnam had Agent Orange, Korean War had jungle rot, WW2 had land minds and WW1 had Mustard Gas.

    The only thing all these wars had in common was the killing, maiming and long term health effects suffered by the people who fought in these wars.


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