Medical Cannabis or Marijuana

Medical Cannabis


Medical Marijuana

After watching this video, I decided to get on board and change the name from Medical Marijuana to Medical Cannabis.

If you look at what California did, you can be ashamed to be a human; these dirt bags took a law that was meant to help the sick and turned it into a joke; its now just a money making scam for the Pot smokers to get high legally. This is why Marijuana has a bad name; you have bad people abusing it. You want to smoke Marijuana; do it; but don’t use laws that were designed for the sick who don’t want to get high; they need this drug to feel better so they can deal with their illness.

I think California should shut down all its so called Medical Marijuana Grow Facilities and go with a system proposed by Hawaii, a Medical Cannabis Secure Grow Facility; in fact, I think every state in the world should go to this system. It should be up to the people who run this facility to ensure that the people using it, are not abusing it; they can do this with the help of local and state law enforcement.

If they legalize Marijuana; this should not effect the Medical Cannabis laws and intent; nor change the Medical Cannabis Secure Grow Facility intent. The patients that need this drug should not have to go to a drug supplier to get Medical Cannabis; and that is what has happened in California since the drug cartel has taken over its program in disguise of a “Medical” program and giving out permits like they were tickets to a concert; you pay for them you get them.

I see the issue about Medical Cannabis and Marijuana use as two separate issues. Medical Cannabis patients have an option of being on this drug or some dangerous pharmaceutical medication, thus they have to choose the lessor of two evils; where as Marijuana users just want to get high and have no medical condition that they need to treat with this drug. I do not have a problem with Marijuana use; I think Alcohol use is much more of a problem; and believe that the only reason one is legal and the other is not; is due to the control of the substance; which is the distribution of it; thus the Alcohol and Drug cartels, wanting to have full control over the sale and distribution over these drugs.

As soon as we can agree that there is no profit in curing illness, we can agree that the Pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to do so; this is why they use Poison as a preservative in all of there products and if they are allowed to control the distribution of Medical Cannabis, they will add this preservative to it also. Alcohol is Poison, that is why its legal, just like Cigarettes; big business for Hospitals and the Drug cartels AKA Pharmaceutical companies. The Doctors are trained by Pharmaceutical companies and they work at Hospitals that are funded by them; do you really think they want to cure you? They would be out of a job.

The idea of taxing Medical Cannabis is very offensive to me; getting rich off the sick; you should be ashamed at even suggesting it.

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Jeffery Flesher


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