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Medical Marijuana

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Medical Cannabis

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The truth about Marijuana is that it has been used as a drug for over 5 thousand years and people have used it with little to no side effects, you can not over dose on it and it is safe to use while pregnant, yes, I said it is safe, the babies do better, not worse in fact, I am talking about the use of Medical Marijuana and not smoking pot and there is a big difference, let me explain.

Medical Cannabis use is not the same as smoking pot, nor can the studies on smoking pot be used for talking about the use of Medical Cannabis.

Medical Cannabis use should be a controlled and metered use, only using the bare minimum to get the effects of the drug without the intoxicating effect or what they call high, or minimal intoxicating effect. This is accomplished by use of a Vaporizer or eating of a prepared dosage of the drug.

The VA can not talk about any Alternative health care of any kind what so ever and Medical Cannabis is no exception, but now that the VA has been told to allow Vets to use Medical Cannabis is states that its legal, things are changing.

The VA will not allow Vets to be on Narcotics and Medical Cannabis at the same time, in fact you might find yourself cut off from many more

drugs if Marijuana shows up in a blood test.

Civilian doctors are not much better; very few advocate Alternative health care, and fewer advocate Medical Cannabis use.

The VA has just issued a new directive that loosens the restrictions in states that Medical Marijuana is legal, but it will be some time before doctors change their attitude about it.

There are more and more web sites dedicated to the use of Medical Marijuana as time goes on; but currently I’m not all that happy with most of them; so I decided to take on this issue myself.

We will be posting articles on how to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in states that it is legal in.
A few good organizations are:
Veterans for Medical Marijuana
NORMAL They have a nice Guild to check local laws; see drop down box for your state.
THC Foundation

We will be posting video’s, books and articles on how to build grow rooms and cultivate Medical Marijuana.
We will be posting links very soon so stay tuned.

This site only advocates the use of Medical Cannabis in two forms, Butter and Oil. It is our opinion that smoking it, even Vaporizing it, does not give the patent the full benefit of the Medicine; some of the Cannabinoids may not survive the process of Burning, or being supper heated to a temperature of over 300 degrees. Many people will disagree, but that does not change our view; Smoking Marijuana, is also associated with getting hight, a stigma that we would like to avoid, a lot of people will use the Medical Marijuana law, to legalize the Recreational use of the drug, we are also against such practice, even if Marijuana is legalized, it should not effect the laws for Medical Marijuana use, which should be different then those laws for Recreational Use; Medical Cannabis replaces other drugs that a patient would normally be taken, as such, it might be present in the blood stream 24/7, if this was the case for a Recreational users, we could say they are abusing it.

It is best to make butter, we call it Medical Cannabis Butter or MC Butter, or simply MC-Butter, the Dash is silent. Put a little MC-Butter on your Eggs, and Green Eggs and Ham, will have a new meaning.

You can then measure it and make dosages that you can take, as you would any other Drug.

It has be brought to my attention that other Vets, may have a problem with Medical Marijuana use for Vets, as much as I would like to dismiss this, they are entitled to their opinion, since it was one that I once had, only a few years ago, I did not think that Medical Marijuana could be used as a useful medicine for the treatment of Gulf War Syndrome, or any other Disease, that it would only be used to get high, but, I was wrong, and I can admit that, and move on.

To shield the usage of Medical Marijuana from the stigma, we ask all Vets to use the Term: Medical Cannabis, and the Term: MC-Butter, and MC-Oil, we also recognize that some will still want to Vaporize it, so we will use the Term: MC-Vape, and those that want to smoke it, MC-Burn.

We will work with people that still have problems with these terms; to try to educate them in its usage and benefits to Vets, that do not have any other choice, since main stream medicine, does not help.


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