6 Gestures to Show Veterans and Active Duty Military Your Support and Appreciation

6 Gestures to Show Veterans and Active Duty Military Your Support and Appreciation


Are you looking for ways to support the veterans and active duty military in your community? The members of the United State Armed Forces and those who have served have sacrificed so much for our freedom and security. So, it makes sense to show your respect and gratitude for that sacrifice. You may already remember the military and veterans in your prayers, but how else can you support the people who have given so much? Well, you can start with one of these actions recommended by Vets Help Center, to show your appreciation and help veterans in need. 


Pursue a New Career in Social Work 


If you really want to go the extra mile for veterans, you can think about working toward a Master of Social Work. Several universities offer online programs which also require about 900 to 1,200 hours of field work to fully complete. Once completed, you can use your degree to help veterans and soldiers with anxiety and depression or assist with major transitions in their life, such as separating from service or adjusting to life with a new family. 


Help Senior Veterans Access Healthcare 


It’s no secret that figuring out the VA healthcare system can be a challenge, but when Medicare is mixed in, veterans can become completely lost. It’s difficult for senior veterans to access the healthcare they need, but you can make it easier by offering your help to a vet who is struggling. You can help them make sense of their options (advantages and disadvantages to enrolling, late enrollment fees, etc.), and help them choose the coverage that will provide the care they deserve. One option is having them sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan. Advantage plans have additional benefits for dental and vision care and prescription drugs. 


Donate to Charities Dedicated to Veterans


Sometimes, it’s easier to donate cash rather than time to help veterans in need, and that’s okay. Every little bit helps when it comes to improving the lives of those who have served and are still serving our country. There are several reputable charities you can donate to, but be on the lookout for scams involving veteran causes. Even seemingly supportive organizations may not use those donations correctly, so be sure to research charities online before donating.


Send a Care Package to Deployed Soldiers 


When active duty service members are deployed overseas, they often lack access to the comforts of home. You can provide that comfort by sending a care package to a deployed loved one or friend, and then packing it with items they can actually use. Non-perishable snacks, lightweight books, and toiletry kits are always a good choice, but adding more personal reminders of home are always appreciated too. Don’t know anyone who is deployed? You can send a care package or letter to a soldier through groups like Soldier’s Angels. 


Invite a Service Member Over for Memorial Day 


Care packages are a great way to help soldiers who are thousands of miles from home. To help the active duty service members in your own community, think about inviting them over for your Memorial Day celebrations. Although this is a day to honor fallen heroes, providing a home-cooked meal for a soldier or veteran is always a gesture that will be appreciated. Just be sure to keep your celebrations thoughtful since many service members have lost friends, loved ones, and fellow soldiers in combat. 


Thank Service Members and Veterans for Their Service 


Making a difference in the lives of America’s true heroes can take action, but know that your words matter as well. So, if you see a man or woman in uniform or meet a veteran, be sure to offer your thanks for their service. It’s such a simple gesture that will be so greatly appreciated by the recipient of your kind words. Better yet, back up your words with a thoughtful gesture, such as paying for a meal or coffee for veterans and service members in uniform or taking a veteran out to get a free meal on Veterans Day. 


We owe a debt to the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. You can repay that debt with something as simple as a “thanks” or as grand as a career in social work to help veterans who need it most. So, show your support in a way that feels right to you. 


Looking for more information about assisting veterans? Head over to Vets Help Center for helpful links, articles, and videos.


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